Financial Bloggers Conference – October 2011, Chicago

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Financial Bloggers Conference – October 2011, Chicago

What an amazing day! Pay it Forward Projects is on the scene to help the 2011 Financial Bloggers Conference give back. The conference wanted to kickoff their event with a local community service project in Chicago to build rapport with conference attendees and create a sense of team. Their target for their good will – Phil’s Friends – an organization that gives hope to cancer patients on a daily basis.

Over 60 attendees volunteered to participate and the Pay it Forward Projects Team was asked to lend a hand and capture the moment. The result was a day all will remember, especially Phil. The Phil’s Friend’s headquarters under construction was transformed in three hours to prepare to take on many a group to follow that will contribute by building care packages, writing letters and providing the tools needed to change a cancer patient’s life.

The impact, a conference kickoff video that played the very next day at the conference opening general session. Then posted to all social networks for all to share and promote. Financial Bloggers Conference 2011


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