Stepping Stones. A life path for victims of domestic violence.

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Stepping Stones. A life path for victims of domestic violence.

Mary from Pay It Forward Projects has been a mentor for families in the Stepping Stones program for three years. Her experience with this program, and helping the women to survive their ordeal, has been a life-changing experience for her.

Pay It Forward Projects is proud to help spread the word to support this cause; the need for volunteers, donations, and awareness.

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  1. This is such a great program, providing “Stepping Stones” for women and their children in a situation where it seems hopeless with no way out.

    Through the wonderful Mentors who give them hope and the real tangible support they need, they find a way to pick themselves and their children up and create a life that is free of the violence and suppression that used to squelch their spirits and self-esteem.

    Please consider having your Group, Company or Association do a Pay It Forward Project to support them, or contact them directly at 630-687-7837, or click for more information on how you can Make A Difference, Too!

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