Easy 4-Step Process

Easy 4-Step Process

We make Paying It Forward more than easy. Once you make the call that you want to improve your company while improving your community, we take it from there.

Step 1. Prep Day – We work with you and your Team to help select a suitable Pay It Forward Project. It may be a 501(c)3 organization that has a real and immediate need or one that is sourced by an employee, that aligns with your corporate culture and will draw in the dedication of your employees. You can target departments that thrive on Team Building such as Sales, Customer Service, Social Responsibility and Administration Support.

We guide your new Pay It Forward Team through a streamlined, fun and interactive session where they come up with the Project they are passionate about.  They will identify the Who, Why, Where, When and What they are going to do to make a difference!

We use a unique methodology of promotion, recruiting, networking and donations to support your Pay It Forward Project Team’s effort, creating a greater reach and impact from your organization into the community. This session tees up the project and gets everyone excited about participating.  This session gives employees who may have undiscovered Leadership potential an opportunity to step up, join the Leadership Team, and  drive the project forward.

Step 2. Plan Day – Once your Leadership Team is in place, that’s when we empower them by developing new Leadership and Management Skills in the process of driving the effort forward. This Team Building experience focuses on targeting the need, addressing the action necessary to solve the need, and integrating a strategy and implementation plan.  This Team Building experience becomes a perfect incubator for developing the Talent of your employees!

Step 3. Pay Day – This is where all the effort really pays off! Now your Pay it Forward Project Team goes into action to implement the strategy they created, and make the difference they envisioned possible to benefit the community! The Team is energized, the community is grateful, and everyone has an incredible and life-changing experience. Now, the culmination of all their efforts and commitment can be celebrated!

Step 4. Promo Day – Celebrating and acknowledging the great work done occurs through an engaging social media YouTube-style video.This video is promoted through a Social Network Promotion Plan internally throughout the company, as well as externally with the community. This grassroots video series allows sharing the activities through all social networks. Each segment of the Team Building program has been filmed: planning, prep, strategy, implementation – all culminating in the community day.  The Pay it Forward Project Team has it all on film.

A monthly or quarterly community service project for your organization can change the way your employees view the company, their colleagues and their community.

Team building that makes a real difference.